The Daily Grill – 45

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Business Quiz

Connect to an event.

Connect all images to a common link

Identify this logo by its history and some recent event as shown below

Identify this brand through its brief history snapshots

Identify the ad

Answers : The Daily Grill 45
Munich Olympic Massacre 1972 – Image of a Memorial and poster of Munich Movie
Satyam; Reliance Capital Logo; Reliance Capital replaced Satyam on Nifty National Stock Exchange; Sun Pharma Logo; Sun Pharma replaced Satyam Computers in BSE Sensex; Kiran Karnik, Satyam Board Member
Air France Logo and its history – Image of current logo can be seen in the pic of recent disaster of Flight 447 from Brazil to Paris which killed all passengers and crew members.
LG Electronics and its history
AXE Adv. – Call Me is the catch phrase.

  1. Chithananda says:

    1. Munich Olympics Killings2. 3. Air France4. LG

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