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  1. Ashfaque Anees says:

    hi a small feedback, the tag which accompanies the daily grill number e.g. the daily grill in banking gives crucial hints and is best avoided – in grill 559 and 563 it really provides clues and makes answer easy….hence mentioning the sector is best avoided


    Ashfaque Anees

  2. Sir,kindly take utmost care in framing a question?recent times it misses,
    1) In today’s question there is confusion between whether to write JV or union bank
    2) 976 ,instead of Identy the company It should be Identify the JV?
    3) most of the times Identify the advertiser? confusion between brand name or advertising agency.
    Please be more specific.
    In Tata crucibles that is entirely different as there are so many clues to connect

  3. Dear Sudhakar,

    Thanks for your feedback. We always try to provide clarity in the question. Please read the question carefully and answer whatever is asked in the question.

    The Daily Grill

  4. sunilbains says:

    Hi… I stumbled upon this Quiz site.. Awesome… You guys are doing a wonderful job.


  5. aditsuneja says:

    Hi team, i am not able to see others’ comments (basically answers) for the daily grill….it only suggests me to comment…!

  6. @aditisuneja: We update answers in the comment section once every week (generally every Sunday)

  7. ashwini says:

    My comments are not shown up. It always says your comment is awaiting moderation and then it disappears

  8. Nikhil Somani says:

    Great work guys! All the way from 2008 till date..Amazing!

  9. tushar kullkarni says:

    good job done by you guys!!

  10. Great job! I didn’t see Quizsumo on the blogroll??

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