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The Daily Grill – 855

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Business Quiz

Identify the personality.

The Daily Grill – 854

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Business Quiz

Identify the personality.

Q1 : What concept does this image depict?

Q 2: Connect the images:

Q 3: What is so special about this tree? Explain.

Q 4: “Well, George, we’ve knocked the bastard off ..”
Who said this statement and who is here referred to as the bastard?

Q 5: Identify the book and the author.



1. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. Each color represents a different concept.

2. NDTV imagine

[Ramayan is shown on this channel with a new cast; Sameer Nair, former CEO of STAR, is the CEO of NDTV imagine; Karan Johar is a partner in the channel and the map is of New Delhi for NDTV – New Delhi TeleVision; Also, the golden blocks are a trademark in the channel logo. ]

3. A descendant of the tree from which an apple reputedly fell and inspired Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation. Found in the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge, England. [Notice the apple on the ground :p]

4. Sir Edmund Hillary, Mt. Everest is referred to as the bastard.

5. Tamas by Bhisham Sahni. Govind Nihalani made a TV serial on the same which ran on Doordarshan.


Anshul Jain (5) – Microsoft, Hyderabad

R Ganesh (5)- IMNU

Rohit Sahni (5) – IMNU

Bhushan Phadnis (5) – IMNU

Q 1: Identify the logo:

Q 2: Identify:

Q 3: Identify the personality:

[Hint: The concept of ‘waves’]

Q 4: Connect

Q 5 : This company started with a leased office on Radha Bazar Lane, Calcutta. The company celebrated its sixteenth birthday on 24th August 1926, by purchasing the plot of land situated at 37, Chowringhee, (now renamed J.L. Nehru Road) Kolkata, for the sum of Rs.310,000. Which is this organisation?


1. Abbott
2. Animal Planet
3. Alvin Toffler (Author of the book ‘The Third Wave’)
4. Madras Rubber Factory (MRF)
Pic 1: J. Srinath, he comes from MRF Pace foundation; Pic 2: Funskool is the toys manufacturing subsidiary of MRF; Pic 3: Chennai formely Madras)
5. ITC

Varun Singh (4) IIM-K
R Ganesh (3) IMNU
Anshul Jain (2) Microsoft, Hyderabad
Rohit Sahni (2) IMNU