About Us

We’re a bunch of young & vibrant working management professionals who love to think out of the box and want to pursue our passion for quizzing by making knowledge exciting and sharing it with the world.

We work with schools, colleges and corporate houses to provide quiz content and host quizzes for them.

Our Motto: To make business trivia exciting for everyone.

Our USP: Quality Quiz at an affordable price!

  1. Rohan Kulkarni says:

    Have been looking at something beyond quizzing.in and bcqc..this looks better

  2. Ameen Sabith says:

    Shall we conduct a link exchange?

    Contact me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ameenrsabith786

    i shall ur link on my blog and u will share my link so that we can improve our traffic

  3. V.K.Handa says:

    No Quiz Posts since 20.09.2015.Eagerly awaiting fresh posts.

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