The Quizmasters

Mahip Vyas

• Class of 2009 MBA, Nirma University Ahmedabad
• Avid Quizzer
• Co-Host & Scorekeeper
• Content Researcher




Raghav Rastogi

• Class of 2009 MBA, Nirma University Ahmedabad
• Avid Quizzer
• Co-Host & Scorekeeper
• Content Researcher



Harshal Modi

• Class of 2008 MBA, SIBM Pune
• Avid Quizzer
• Experienced Compere
• Event Host
• Content Researcher



Neha Sharma
• Class of 2009 MBA, SIOM
• Operations Manager
• Co-Host & Scorekeeper
• Content Researcher
  1. Dear Quiz-masters, I must congratulate you for your excellent website and compilation of questions which are helping the quizzing community. However, I have some concerns and I thought I’d drop them at your mailbox. Firstly, navigation between daily grills is very tedious. One has to click the day’s link, then the question opens in a separate webpage, and if one wishes to see another question, one has to go back and click the other link again. If you could somehow address this concern about navigation between different questions, I’d be grateful. Secondly, the answers to the questions are being revealed only in the month end I believe (I’m new to dailygrill, I checked for answers of all december questions and none have the answers). You must keep in mind that there are followers like me, who are very bad in quizzing, but are very passionate about quizzing. When I don’t find answers to so many questions, I feel kind of disappointed. Maybe you could bring down the reveal time to 1 week.
    Sorry for the long feedback.

    Good luck and regards,

  2. appu s says:

    really coooool!!!! gr8 questions!!! super awesome business gyan!!! rock on fellas

  3. Anuj Narvekar says:

    brilliant job………

  4. the dhelu says:

    great work, can we have a quizzing session also ??

  5. Clandestine says:

    Stumbled upon this website today. Awesome repository of questions. Kudos guys !!!

  6. sampad says:

    You guys are doing fantastic job.keep it UP!!!

  7. dilip says:

    Please send me DISCOVER INDIA QUIZ

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