Farewell to our friend & quizzer, Raghav!

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We are deeply saddened to write this tribute to Raghav Rastogi – a friend, quizzer, blogger, poet, photographer, tea enthusiast, husband, father, son & much more. In whatever capacity we knew him, he was an extremely special person. It is so shocking and unfortunate that ‘Cruel Covid-19’ took away this beautiful soul from this World.

Raghav was very kind, cheerful & creative – he loved to laugh, joke and enjoy life with friends & family members. He could write beautiful Hindi poems in a heartbeat & recite them like a true professional. He was also one of the founder editorial members of college e-Magazine, magIMNUopus. He also loved his camera & found a way to capture beautiful moments through his lens.

Raghav was extremely passionate about quizzing & he was one of the founding members of a quizzing club, XQuizIt, at Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad while he was pursuing his MBA. He won multiple quiz competitions during his college & corporate life. Most recently, he won one of the Regional Finals of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2020.

As an active quizzing blogger, Raghav’s contribution in the growth of ‘The Daily Grill’ blog can’t be forgotten. He would work tirelessly in content research & come up with complex, interesting & out-of-the-box trivia questions which would delight any quiz audience. Raghav not only drafted quiz questions, but he also organised quiz contests at B-schools & corporates as part of our team. His legacy questions would be preserved with us forever & we promise that we’ll continue his good work. We are sure God must have been keen to call him early to work with “Alex Trebek” on some game show in heaven.

We offer our deepest condolences to his family members & friends. Our thoughts & prayers are with them at this difficult time. Raghav – a caring & beloved family man, and friend will be missed forever. Rest in peace. Om Shanti!

The Daily Grill Team

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