The Daily Grill – 44

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Business Quiz

Identify this most networked professional on the internet.
Some time in the early ’80s an auto company paid pop sensation Michael Jackson to appear in ads for its Love 50 scooter as displayed below. Name the company.
Identify the mascot and the team it represents.
Identify this logo.

Connect to a big media group.


Answers : The Daily Grill 44
1. Reid Hoffman – Founder LinkedIn
2. Suzuki Love 50 Scooter
3. Mohun Bagan FC mascot Baggu (means ‘Tiger’)
4. Bosch

  1. sridhar says:

    1. Mr. Reid Hoffman2. Suzuki3. Mohan Bagan FC4. Bosch5. NDTV

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