The Daily Grill-23

Posted: March 1, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Connect. [C’mon this is so easy!]

Q 2: Identify the Ad.

Q 3: Identify the logo.

Q 4: Identify the personality.
[Hint: Robotics]

Q 5: Connect.

1. Number 5 [Aamir Khan “Paanch matlab Chota Coka” campaign, Porter
gave 5 Forces Model on Competition, Hum Paanch TV Serial, Panchtantra based on Five Principles, 5 questions in The Daily Grill]
2. Times of India
3. Austrian Airlines
4. Issac Asimov
5. Hugging or Free Hug (Abrazos Gratis means Free Hugs, Mata Andamayi is known as Hugging Saint, Sanjay Dutt is famous for Jadu ki Jhappi of Munnabhia MBBS)

Ashwini Pore – Infosys Technologies
Yogesh Bhale(TCS, USA)
Swati Gaitonde (Milwaukee – USA)

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