The Daily Grill-22

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Identify the advertised brand.
[Hint: Communist]

Q 2: This symbol of infinity is used above the letters J and I in the brand name. The infinite word also appears in its slogan. Name the brand.

Q 3. Identify the personality.
[Hint: Watchdog]

Q 4: Fill in the blank:

Wieners::Austria. Frankfurters::Germany. ________ :: USA.

Q 5: In 1886, Émile Moreau, a French author, and T K Bannerjee, an Indian businessman started a business which spread to many railway stations in India. Which business? Name the company they started.

1. Louis Vuitton (Mikhail Gorbachev in the picture advertises for the company)
2. Fujitsu (Slogan: Possibilities are infinite)
3. Mr.C.B.Bhave(The new chairman of SEBI)
4. Hot dogs
5. A H Wheeler & Co (Bookstore Chain)

Santosh Patil(Milwaukee-USA)
Ashwini Sharad Pore – Infosys
Yogesh Bhale(TCS, USA)

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