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Posted: January 27, 2014 in Business Quiz
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What is the name of this revolver and what is special about it.

TDG Jan 27

  1. Sujatha ashok says:

    Nirbheek made by Indian Ordannace Factory for women

  2. sampad says:

    Nirbheek,”It’s small, it’s lightweight, it weighs only 500g [1.1lb], and it can easily fit into a lady’s purse.made by kanpur ordinance factory.

  3. V.K.Handa says:

    Nirbheek – A 0.32-Calibre revolver,marketed at Indian women,It’s small,lightweight,weighs only 500g and it can easily fit into a lady’s purse.

  4. Nirbheek, India’s first gun for women

  5. Salil says:

    Nirbheek, named after Nirbhaya, the nickname of Delhi gang-rape victim.
    It is touted as India’s “first gun for women” for their safety and self-defense.

  6. Nirbheek, A gun designed for Indian women manufactured by the state-run Indian Ordnance Factory,

  7. Nirbheek
    It is a gun for women and has been named after the Nirbhaya (the student who was gang raped in December, 2012)

  8. Abhiroop says:

    Nirbheek – Gun for Women self protection

  9. Ashish says:

    Nirbhik…first kind of armed weapon for women by Indian ordinance factory in Kanpur


    NIRVHEEK;designed by ordiance factory kanpur for the protection of women in india

  11. Shakti says:

    It is gun manufactured by the Indian Ordinance Factory for helping Women defend themselves. It is called ‘Nirbheek’.

  12. ANJU SONI says:

    NIRBHEEK, A new handgun named after a gang-rape victim, is being marketed as a weapon to help women defend themselves against sexual violence.

  13. s m muneer ali says:


  14. Arnav says:

    Nirbheek, a .32 bore light weight revolver, India’s first firearm designed for women.

  15. sunilbains says:


    (A gun designed for Indian women by Indian Ordnance Factory,
    Nirbheek is a synonym of Nirbhaya – the nickname given by the Indian press to the Delhi rape victim)

  16. dhineshn says:

    Nirbheek. Pistol for women

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