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Posted: September 9, 2013 in Business Quiz
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What are these devices?
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TDG Sep 09

  1. Salil says:

    Renew, the LCD-equipped smart recycle bins

  2. sunilbains says:

    “Smart” Recycle Bins

    (@ London)

  3. sampad says:

    Recycle bin-with wifi in london

  4. vivek says:

    recycle bins

  5. V.K.Handa says:

    ‘Smart’ Recycling Bins.

  6. London has treated itself to some high-tech recycling bins,the so-called ‘smart bins’

  7. vikram says:

    Smart Recycle Bins.

  8. s m muneer ali says:

    smart recycle bins developed by a small company Renew which have been installed in London which displays news and other stuff from 6 am to 11.59 pm.

  9. Abhishek Srivastava says:

    Smart Recycle Bin

  10. Arnav says:

    Smart Recycling Bins

  11. barun says:

    London- Litter ‘Spying’ Bin

  12. These are Smart Trash Bins, a 100 of which were installed in London by and startup called RENEW.
    These can track WIFI enabled smart phones in the vicinity and send appropriate ads to them. They can also keep a track of the number of times the person/owner of a particular smart phone has passed by that trash bin in the last one month.

  13. vivek712 says:

    Renew bins – digitized recycling bins installed across London. These are bomb-proof recycle bins with dual-screen LCDs.

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