The Daily Grill – 1491

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Business Quiz
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Connect and Identify the movie.
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TDG 1491 - 14 Aug

  1. Arnav says:


  2. sampad says:

    Connect is Guru.

  3. Vinid says:

    pixar’s planes

  4. Naveen says:


  5. Movie-Disney’s planes- Priyanka’s voice in it and music -tere bina of Guru movie by A R Rehman

  6. Disney’s animated film Planes
    Priyanka Chopra would be part of the animated motion picture, lending her voice to a champion race plane called Ishani
    Tere Bina one of the biggest hits from Mani Ratnam’s film Guru, has been used as the background music
    A R Rahman’s music

  7. Sujatha ashok says:

    Priyanka chopra voice for he character Ishani
    A. R Rahman’s Tere Bina from the movie Guru being used in the movie

  8. Nipun Yerramalla says:

    Planes Movie – Priyanka Chopra is giving the voiceover for one of the characters

  9. vivek712 says:

    Planes: It is an animation flick in which Priyanka Chopra has lent her voice for a plane, and A.R.Rehman’s song from Guru (starring Abhishek & Aishwarya) – Tere Bina, is used as a background score in the movie.

  10. Disney’s planes.
    Priyanka voices a character. Movie features rehman song from guru movie. Guru had aishwarya and Abhishek

  11. V.K.Handa says:

    Disney Movie Planes

  12. Salil says:

    Priyanka Chopra sings A R Rahman’s composition, with Abhishek-Aishwarya’s song Tere Bina (Guru) as background score

  13. Gulshan says:

    ‘Tere Bina’ from ‘Guru’ (composed by ARR) in the Taj Mahal scene of the animated movie ‘Planes’. Priyanka Chopra is Ishani in the movie.

  14. Raika says:


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