The Daily Grill – 1200

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Business Quiz

Identify the person recently in news for all wrong reason, also identify the company he was associated with?

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  1. Navneet Purohit says:

    Name: Rakesh Gupta
    Company: Goldman Sachs

  2. Mohit says:

    Rajat Gupta, Goldman Sachs

  3. Arnav says:

    Rajat Gupta, ex MD McKinsey & Company, and ex board member at Goldman Sachs

  4. V.K.Handa says:

    Rajat Gupta -Goldman Sachs-Convicted in the insider trading charges pertaining to Galleon Group.

  5. Rajat Gupta. MD and CEO of Mckinsey, he was involved in insider trading with galleon hedge fund founder raj ratanam

  6. sudhanshu panda says:


  7. Amit Mathur says:

    Rajat Gupta, Mckinsey

  8. Nivedita Patni says:

    Rajat Gupta, Mckinsey

  9. Naveen says:

    Rajat Gupta – Mckinsey & Co

  10. s m muneer ali says:

    Rajat Gupta – McKinsey & Co.

  11. Sidhartha Sekhar Das says:

    RAJAT GUPTA, Mckinsey, Goldman Saachs

  12. debasish mukherjee says:

    Rajat Gupta of Mckinsey

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