The Daily Grill – 1181

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Business Quiz
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Connect to a company.
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  1. Arnav says:

    General Electric (GE)

  2. First of all.very gud question. Annswer is General Electric. Jack welch former CEO.Genpact formerly known as GE Capital International Services (GECIS) was established by GE in late 1997 as its captive India based BPO.CNBC fromed after merger of vivendi and GE’s NBC AND Edison GE merged wid thomson houston to form GE

  3. Naveen says:

    General Electric

  4. s m muneer ali says:

    General Electric – GE.
    Thomas alva edison founder of ge, nbc is the channel with it, and jack welch was the CEO of ge.

  5. bhagyashree agarwal says:

    General electronics

  6. V.K.Handa says:

    General Electric Company(GE)

  7. Pratik Singhal says:

    GE (General Electric)

  8. debasish mukherjee says:


  9. Mohit says:

    General Electric

  10. Sidhartha Sekhar Das says:


  11. sudhanshu panda says:


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