The Mini Daily Grill – 467

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Business Quiz
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Identify the brand (full name)

Sanspareils Greenlands ( SG)
Ravi Banjare
V Chandrashekar
VK Handa
Guess the logo
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  1. VK Handa says:

    SG(Sanspareils Greenlands)

  2. Arnav says:

    Sanspareils Greenlands

  3. Sourabh says:

    Sanspareils Greenlands

  4. Ravi says:

    Sanspareils Greenlands ( SG)

  5. amit(encycs) says:

    Sanspareils Greenlands

  6. Anonymous says:

    sanspariel greenlands—————–v.chandrashekar

  7. Sanspareils GreenlandsTruly — Sanspareils : Without Parallel.

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