The Mini Daily Grill – 238

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Business Quiz

The fountains at these two famous places have been done by the same company. Identify the company.

The Mini Daily Grill- 238
Answer: WET (Water Entertainment Technologies) Design
Arnav Patra
Aviral Shrivastava
Ankur Gajjaria
Palak Shah
Soubhagya Jena
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  1. WET (water entertainment technologies) design

  2. Paddu says:

    WET the bellagio nd burj khalifa i think

  3. Arnav says:

    WET (Water Entertainment Technologies), also known as WET Design

  4. Anonymous says:

    Water entertainment technologies—Aviral Shrivastava

  5. napstr says:

    for both the places viz. bellagio and burj khalifa…the california based company WET DESIGN has done this awesome job!

  6. Rahul says:

    The first building is Bellagio.The third building is Burj Dubai.The fountain maker is Wet Design

  7. Kaushik says:

    WET Design, california based company

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