The Daily Grill – 209

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Business Quiz

Identify the product being launched.

He has recently taken over as head of one of the Tata’s organization. Identify.

She heads one of the Tata’s business. Who is she?

Identify the institute.

Identify this lady from the world of entertainment.

Answers: The Daily Grill-209
“Swach” Water Purifier by Tata
N.Chandrasekharan- TCS
Simone Tata
TATA Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
Tata Young
Seshadri N
Soubhagya Jena
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  1. kushal says:

    1.TATA Swach.2.N Chandrashekaran.3.Simone Tata.4.TATA institute of fundamental Research.5.TATA Young

  2. Rituraj says:

    1-Swatch2-N Chandrshear Of TCS3-Simone Tata of Trent4-

  3. 1. TATA Swach2. N Chandrashekaran of TCS3. 4. TISS- TATA Inst. of Social Science!!!5. TATA young

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