The Daily Grill – 207

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Business Quiz

Identify the less known mobile service provider.

Competition getting fierce day by day. Identify the brand.

Which new telecom company is this?

Identify the service provider which launched services in 7 circles recently.

Identify the advertiser from one of its promotion.

Answers: The Daily Grill-207
Swan Telecom
Reliance Mobile
Rajeev Tripathi
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Click on the below logo:

  1. 1)Matrix2)MTNL3)Swan telecom4)Uninor5)Reliance

  2. kushal says:

    1.Matrix.2.Mtnl.3.Swan Telecom.4.Uninor.5.Reliance Mobile.

  3. 1. Matrix2. 3. Swan Telecom4. Telenor. In India known as Uninor5. Reliance Mobile??

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