The Daily Grill – 104

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Business Quiz

How does this brand name originate?

Name the best known brand of this company.

Connect to a common name.

Identify the personality.

“Rahul paani chala jayega!!” Old ad campaign for which brand?

Answers: The Daily Grill-104
Indrajal from Phamtom [Indrajal Comics], PC Sarkar [Indrajal]
Tom Peters
Le Sancy Soap
Sharad Gupta
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  1. techie says:

    1.Finolex, Finoglow are brands, originated from "Fine" quality from Finolex industries.2. Priyagold3. The Phantom of the Opera4. Robert H. Waterman Jr and Thomas J. Peters5. Le Sancy- The Ad was "Rohan paani chala jayega"

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