The Daily Grill – 78

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Business Quiz

She is the first woman, in the 107-year history of the Success awards to be honoured the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from Success Group of the U.S.A.
This handsome dude is a new mascot of a successful car brand. Identify him and the car.

Connect to FMCG company.

Connect the images to a gaint of consulting arena. The company was named as a result of an internal competition.

Identify the award winning campaign.


Answers The Daily Grill-78

Shenaz Hussain

Mr. WizeR and WagonR

Jyothi Laboratories Ltd

JLL owns brands like Jeeva Ayurvedic soap, Ujala Supreme whitener, EXO dish cleaners, Maxo mosquito coils, JLL markests Godrej Tea and Ekta Dhoop, MD MP Ramachandran of JLL


Accenture is sponsor of World Golf Championship, Accenture own companies Avanade and Concadia



Arnav Kumar Patra

Karan Kapoor

Preeti Agarwal

Rohini Venkataraman

Sharad Gupta


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