The Daily Grill – 76

Posted: July 28, 2009 in Business Quiz

Connect to a shining company.
The family started with pharmacy, optician shop and a photo studio but ater on moved into food business and started HOTELINDIA. By what name do we know them today?
Identify the father, son duo and the group they own.
Connect the pics to a famous company.

The company has launched first ever All Ladies Audience Fashion Show. Which company?


Answers The Daily Grill-76
Gitanjali Gems Pvt. Ltd.
Sponsors of Mumbai Indians, Neha Dhupia Brand Endorser, Rabindranath Tagore wrote Geetanjali, Group owns MobileNxt and the Logo
Nirula’s Group
Buddy Bus is Nirula’s CSR, Logo, Tie-up with HPCL, Pegasus Bar, Potpouri Restaurent
Father-Deepk Kothari and Son- Mitesh Kothari, Kothari’s Products Limited
Archies Limited
Anil Moolchandni the owner of the group, Geri the Giraffe, Roadies Merchandise
Salil Chaudhary owner was accused of possesion of cocaine, Upen Patel & Fardeen Khan Brand Endorsers, Provouge is uniform partner of KXIP


Arnav Kumar Patra
Dhanraj Labba
Siddharth Mishra
Sharad Gupta
Sridhar R P
Yogesh Bhale


  1. Yogesh says:

    gitanjalinirula'sKOTHARI groupArchies LtdProvogue

  2. Techie says:

    1. Aditya Birla Group2. Nirula's3. Kothari Group. Vikram Kothari4. Archies5.

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