The Daily Grill – 71

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Business Quiz

Colonel Sanders’ kept his something in a safe at Louisville City. It was recently taken out and kept at another place. What was kept in the safe?
Identify this personality.
Which brand of pizza was the first to serve in space and also put its logo on the spacecraft.
Origin place of a brand. Served crunchy breakfast for patients. Name the brand.
Connect to a beer brand.


1. Hand written recipe (with 11 herbs and spices) by Colonel Sanders KFC

2. Ramesh J Chauhan, Bisleri

3. Pizza Hut

4. Kellog’s

5. Budweiser (Anheuser-busch)


Ganesh Raman

Preeti Agarwal

Rohini Venkataraman

Saurabh Maiwal

Karan Kapoor

Siddharth Mishra

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