The Daily Grill – 48

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Business Quiz

New branding for this Indian company. Now targeting Youth-minded consumers.
The Fluid lava reflects the brand idea, ‘Experience change’. The color palette has been chosen to reflect the philosophy of the Group i.e. the color green is symbolic to the company’s ecology drive. Identify the brand.

One of the major projects in India. Connecting it is easy, right?

Identify the ad and the message being conveyed here.
Identify the personality

First Cover of a famous magazine. Which?

Answers: The Daily Grill-48

Bandra-worli Sea Link; Map showing connection between Bandra-Worli, Sonali inaugrated Bandra Worli Sealink, Logo of HCC, Bajaj Electrical, MSRDC
World Wildlife Fund with the tagline “Wildlife is disappearing”
Anita Roddick of Body Shop
Playboy Magzine
  1. Yogesh says:

    1. Videocon2. Bandra-worli Sea Link3. World Wildlife Fund with the tagline "Wildlife is disappearing"4.5. Playboy Magzine

  2. ashwini_nit says:

    4.Anita Roddick of Body plus

  3. Grondmaster says:

    1. Videocon2. The Rajiv Gandhi Bandra-Worli Sea Link3. WWF. MGM's trademark lino is not in the picture, denoting the fact that they're an endangered species.4. Laura Ries?5. PlayboyJeez… Mahip… I'm back after nearly a year of absence of quizzing… and this is what you give? 3/5 are deadon for sure… thoda toh difficult banao…Regards,Grondmaster

  4. Anirvan says:

    1. Videocon2. Bandra Worli Sea Link3.4. Anita Roddick5. Playboy

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