The Daily Grill-37

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q1: Connect:

Q2: Identify the famous place from its map:

Q3: Identify the advertisement:

Q4: Identify the logo from the world of Finance:

Q5: What is the theme of this social awareness campaign:

1. Gita Press – one of the world’s largest publishers of Hindu religious texts located in Gorakhpur.
2. The Louvre – one of the world’s most visited art museums, a historic monument, and a national symbol located in Paris, France.
3. Big FM India – 92.7 FM
4. KeyBank – a bank headquartered in the Key Tower in Cleveland, Ohio.
5. Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper AIDS awareness Advertisement
Winner [First to answer all correct answers]
Yogesh Bhale(USA)

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