The Daily Grill-34

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: What is so special about this picture? Explain.

Q 2: Whose grave is this?
[Hint: Langdon]

Q 3: Which brand is being launched here? Recent event in Mumbai.

Q 4: A very old newspaper clip of TATA Sons Ad. Can you indentify the personality in the centre of the ad?

Q 5: Identify the sword.

[Hint: Bike]

1. On February 10, 1929, JRD Tata became the first Indian to pass the pilot’s examination with No. 1 endorsed on his flying license. It’s his licence in this pic.
2. Issac Newton’s grave
3. Virgin Mobile Launch, Richard Branson in the pic
4. Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata
5. Excalibur
Arnav Kumar Patra – IT, BHU
Shubhendu Saha – DTZ
Saurabh Maiwal- Oracle
Santosh Patil (Milawaukee, USA)
Vinay Nayak – Cognizant
Ashwini Pore – Infosys
Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA)

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