The Daily Grill-20

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: The name of this company is supposedly derived from the transcendental god of Zoroastrianism as shown in the picture below. The company uses the word “Zoom” in its slogan. Name the company.

Q 2: Logo of a tournament where one of the venues is the city of Johor. Name the tournament and the country.

Q 3: Identify the personality.
[Hint: Penguin]

Q 4. Name the missing brand.

Q 5. Identify the brand advertised.

1. Mazda (Derived from Ahura Mazda and its slogan is Zoom-Zoom)
2. The Under-19 Cricket World Cup-2008 in Malaysia
3. Linus Benedict Torvalds, creator of Linux which is popularly known by its penguin logo named Tux
4. KPMG (One of the Big Four auditors)
5. Bournvita

Santosh Patil (Milwaukee-USA)
Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA )

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