The Daily Grill-15

Posted: February 20, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Connect

Q 2: Identify the company.
[Hint: Island]

Q 3: Which computer game is the evolved form of a game which has a logo of a “lambda in a circle”. Name the games.

Q 4. What is described in the picture below?

Q 5. Connect.

[Hint: Amitabh Bachchan]


1) Liverpool [Beatles had their origin in Liverpool, Everton FC logo which is based in Liverpool + Liverpool FC Manager Rafael Benitez]

2) Al Jazeera TV Channel [Al Jazeera means Island in Arabic]

3) Half Life and Counter Strike, Counter Strike has evolved from Half Life

4) The First “Computer Bug”. Moth found trapped between points at Relay # 70, Panel F, of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator while it was being tested at Harvard University, 9 September 1947. The operators affixed the moth to the computer log, with the entry: “First actual case of bug being found”.

5) All the names have the a nick name with the word “BIG”.

UPS – Big Brown

Coke – Big Red

Kodak – Big Yellow

IBM – Big Blue

Amitabh Bachchan – Big B

Winners: None of the respondents could get all correct answers!

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