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The Daily Grill-31

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: What does this image mean?

Q 2: Whose self potrait is this?

Q 3: Identify the logo
[Hint: Cow]

Q 4: Connect.

Q 5: Identify the person.
[Hint: CPG]

1. SOS (Morse Code Distress Signal)
2. Leonardo Da Vinci
3. Wrigley
4. Force India Formula One Team(Driver Giancala Fisichella in the pic, sponsor companies like Alpinestars,Medion,ICICI Bank, Samsung,technology support partners Airbus and EADS, Official Flag)
5. Nitin Paranjpe, CEO Hindustan Unilever [CPG = Consumer Product Goods]
Winners: None. Nobody could get all correct answers.

The Daily Grill-30

Posted: March 8, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Identify the ad.

Q 2: Identify the logo.
[Hint: Salaam Namaste]

Q 3: Identify the movie.

Q 4: Identify the painting.

Q 5: Idnetify the famous fictional personality.

2. Ben & Jerrys brand of Ice Cream. Saif and Priety sing a song when they go for eating this icecream in the movie Salaam Namaste.
3. Pather Panchali, (First Film from Apu Trilogy) of Satyajeet Ray.
4. “The Kiss of Judas”
5. James Bond, a fictional character created in 1952 by writer Ian Fleming.

Ashok Kumar – IT, BHU
Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA)
Ashwini Pore – Infosys
Arnav Kumar Patra – IT, BHU
Santosh Patil (Milawaukee, USA)

The Daily Grill-29

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Identify this incident.

Q 2: Identify the personality in the field of transportation.

Q 3: Which famous painting is mocked here? Name it.

Q 4: Identify the advertisement.

Q 5: Identify the painting and the painter.

1)Peter Fechter lies dying after being shot by East German border guards while trying to cross the Berlin Wall. He was a bricklayer from East Berlin, who at the age of eighteen became one of the first victims of the Berlin Wall’s border guards.
2) E Sreedharan (Delhi Metro/ Konkan Railways)
3) The Creation of Adam painting by Michelangelo. It was mocked by Simposons in The Homer of Seville
4) Pantene Shampoo
5) The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali. The painting has also been popularly known as Soft Watches, Droopy Watches, The Persistence of Time or Melting Clocks.
Vinay Nayak – Cognizant
Yogesh Bhale(TCS, USA)
Ashwini Pore – Infosys
Arnav Kumar Patra – IT, BHU

The Daily Grill-28

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Identify the Advertisement.

Q 2: Tantra Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Sensazinone Leisure Pvt. Ltd. are companies launched by which Indian actress.

Q 3: Connect.

Q 4: Identify.
[Hint: Corporate Finance]

Q 5: Seeing the dirty walls of India because of paan juice (Betel Leaf juice), this brand came up with paan flavoured chewing gums in India with a campaign – “Keep your city clean”. Name the brand.

2) Sushmita Sen
3) M Night Shyamalan (Joined American Express Company’s “My life. My card.” global brand campaign, Bruce Willis starred in his movies Sixth Sense, Bryce allas Howard, The Buried Secrets of M Night Shyamalan, The Happening )
4) J. P. Morgan
5) Frazer Pan Flavored Gum

Swati Gaitonde (Milwaukee, USA)
Saurabh Maiwal – Oracle
Vinaytosh Mishra – IM, Nirma Univ.
Rupali Verma – IM, Nirma Univ.
Ashwini Pore – Infosys
Santosh Patil (Milwaukee-USA)
Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA )

Winners of the Week:
Ashwini Pore – Infosys
Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA )

The Daily Grill-27

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Identify the product advertised and the brand

Q 2: Which organization was formed as a result of a bicycle tour organised by John Dengler in 1933?

Q 3: Connect.

Q 4: Identify.
[Hint:Item Song in the Hindi movie Gangajal]

Q 5: This is a brand promotion ad for a Golf event. Which brand is advertised?

1. Samsung Mobile Phone with Tracking Technology.
2. Students International Travel Association(SITA)
3. Hawk-Eye [Hawk-Eye is a computer system used in cricket, tennis and other sports to track the path of the ball.]
4. Rhea Pillai [Item girl in Gangajal was Manyata who married to Sanjay Dutt recently. Rhea Pillai is Sanjay’s ex-wife.]
5. Audi

Ashwini Pore – Infosys Technologies
Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA )