The Daily Grill-21

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Business Quiz

Q 1: Identify the businessman.
[Hint: Dhoni, Preity, Tendulkar]

Q 2: Identify the advertised brand.

Q 3: Identify the logo.
[Hint: This company is more famous for other businesses but it is this business in which it is a Global Leader]

Q 4: Invented by a sculptor and architect in 1974, this is a very popular mechanical puzzle and one of the world’s best selling toys. What are we talking about?

Q 5: People have unique hobbies. One such hobby is collecting match boxes. What is this hobby known as?

1.TVS Iyengar [TCS Motors Founder]
3.Essel Propack [The more famous business is ZEE Network & Essel World]
4.Rubik’s Cube or Magic Cube invented by Enzo Rubik
5.The hobby is called Phillumeny.

Winners: None of the respondents could get all correct answers.
Winner of Week 3: Yogesh Bhale (TCS, USA )
Just one question behind the winner was Santosh Patil (Milwaukee-USA).
Well done!!

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